Getting Setup on Windows

This document briefly describes how to get your Microsoft Windows computer set up to create your own Gameboy Advance (GBA) and Nintendo DS (NDS) programs using Spritely and devkitPro.

But Spritely requires a few additional tools to be installed:

General System Requirements

Windows XP (SP2) or Vista with .NET Framework 2.0

First of all, make sure you have the latest security patches from

If you don't already have the .Net Framework 2.0 installed on your computer, it can also be installed from Unlike the security and high-priority patches that are selected automatically, the .Net Framework is an optional install that you will need to select manually before starting the installation. If you don't see it in the list of updates, then you may already have it installed.

Alternately, you can download the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) onto your computer and install from this file. After downloading, you will have a 22MB file called dotnetfx.exe on your computer. Run this .exe to install the .Net Framework.


This is the development toolchain that is used to compile your source code into an executable binary. Without this package installed, you will not be able to build complete GBA/NDS programs (although you can still draw sprites and backgrounds).


For Windows, there is an installer which will do all of the setup work for you:

To use this installer follow these instructions:

When the installation is complete, verify that you have a bunch of new files and directories installed in your c:\devkitpro directory.


Now you should verify that your environment variables were set up properly (otherwise you won't be able to build). If the installation worked properly, then you will only need to verify that these variables were created. But there's a chance they weren't created (depending on your system's security settings), so it's a good idea to double-check.

VisualBoy Advance

VBA is the most popular GBA emulator. An emulator is a program that runs on a computer and pretends to be another device. This will allow us to test out our GBA/NDS programs on our development computer.


Download page: (Direct link ( Win32])

Installing VisualBoy Advance:

You can run VBA by launching c:\gamedev\VisualBoyAdvance-1.7.2\VisualBoyAdvance.exe


Spritely is a program that allows you to create your own basic sprite and background graphics. It was designed to make it easy to create graphics for the GBA and DS and was created especially for this programming class.

Download the latest version of Spritely:

You can run Spritely by launching c:\gamedev\Spritely\Spritely.exe